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29 m2 | 1 x King Bed | Occupancy : 2

Sublimated by a careful and elegant decoration, this magnificent room of 29 m2, very clear and of full foot, is opened on a pretty privative terrace and on the garden... A warm harmony of the colors and a soft mixture of materials confer a precious and refined atmosphere to him..


€225 /day


18 m2 | 1 x Queen Bed | Occupancy : 2

Very nice room of about 18m2, located on the first floor of our farmhouse, illuminated by the morning sun, open on a large mimosa and overlooking the pool area. A beautiful harmony of gray and white to sublimate the serene simplicity of this little country nest.


€180 /day


22 m2 | 1 x King Bed | Occupancy : 2

This lovely 22m2 room is located on the first floor and overlooks the old lime tree and the garden. A beautiful green limed wall, moss colored tiles for the bathroom and a decoration as close to nature as possible to blend with the landscape.


€198 /day


21 m2 | 1 x Double Bed | Occupancy : 2

Very cocooning atmosphere for this delicious room of 21m2 which reconciles charm and softness. Secret openings on the garden, bathroom in glass roof and always the lime, omnipresent in this house, and of a deep green lichen to underline an atmosphere at the same time zen and delicate.


€180 /day